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Meet Fran

Meet our Registered Dietitian

Fran Williams, Registered and Licensed Dietitian (RD, LD), has over 20 years experience counseling individuals on weight management, healthy eating, managing high cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes and sports nutrition. Fran is dedicated to help her clients in reaching their dietary and nutritional goals.

Fran has worked through the Telford YMCA in Richmond, KY since 2001 providing group nutrition classes and on-on-one nutrition counseling. She teaches fitness through water aerobics and swimming.

Fran was the Registered Dietitian involved with the “The No. 1 Losers” program in Richmond KY. Modeled after “The Biggest Loser” show on TV, twelve participants competed in weight loss and fitness improvement. Not only did the contestants lose over 800 pounds, they improved greatly in fitness levels and positively changed their body compositions, becoming leaner, healthier individuals.

Before coming to Richmond, KY, Fran was the Registered Dietitian for a Physicians’ Weight Loss Program and the Director of Nutrition and Food Services at Lourdes Hospital in Paducah, KY.

Fran received her Bachelor of Science (Food and Nutrition degree) from the University of Kentucky and completed a dietetic internship program at University of Arizona Health Sciences Center.

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