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Nutri-Style now offers the HMR Healthy Solutions® Clinic Weight-Loss Program--- a healthy way to lose weight quickly.

If you are looking to lose weight quickly without medical supervision, the HMR Healthy Solutions weight-loss program is for you.

HMR Healthy Solutions

Begin Losing Weight NOW!

Average weight loss = 35 – 40 pounds!
Many lose much more.

(HMR data published or presented at medical conferences.)

The Healthy Solutions Program includes:

No counting calories, carbs, or points. No decisions to make – everything is detailed in your step-by-step daily diet plan.

And, now, for those who cannot attend a clinic-based HMR Program, we have something for you - HMR at Home® Quick Start™ Diet Kits.

Delicious Shakes

Convenient Kits Ideal for At-home Dieting

Cost-effective – you may actually save money while losing weight.

HMR’s delicious, nutritious foods are portable and require no refrigeration. Have an HMR meal or snack whenever or wherever hunger strikes!

Many at-home dieters report losing 10 pounds or more in the first two weeks!

Published studies and references conclude that, on average, dieters using meal replacements (like HMR weight-loss foods) lose and maintain 2½ -3 times as much weight as those on traditional diets.

A Diet For Everyone


If you are ready to lose as few as 10 pounds, or more than 100 pounds, we can help.

We specialize in compassionate and comprehensive weight treatment services. HMR’s research-based program achieves unparalleled results.

Call today to find out more.

Always consult your physician before beginning any diet or physical activity program.

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Patient Testimonial

Shannon Moon 34 years old
Healthy Solutions®
Pounds lost 70
Lost her weight in: 2002

“I have always been overweight – even as a child. When you are as overweight as I was, you become almost invisible. I never had a thin moment, and for my whole life I had been belittled because of this. I’ve bought every fad diet book, taken diet pills, and even tried starving myself. Every time I lost a little bit of weight and then gained it right back. I didn’t have any education about calories and fats and my sweet tooth always got me in trouble. There wasn’t enough ice cream in the world to satisfy me. I could eat an entire gallon.

Before I started the program I went through all my receipts for a month and discovered that I was spending $800 on groceries and eating out. So I made a choice to spend this on my health.

HMR is life changing. I feel like I have my life back. People I haven’t seen in some time don’t recognize me – I love it when this happens. People treat me differently. People are friendlier and make more eye contact.

The positive environment HMR offered in their classes was so important. They were non-judgmental and always supportive. I love coming to my weekly meetings because the accountability helps me. HMR is the easiest diet I’ve ever done. Between all the entrees and shakes I had plenty of choices, but it was all laid out for me. I still use HMR meal replacements. I eat them every day for breakfast and lunch and sometimes dinner. All the dishes are quick and easy to make. Today I sleep much more soundly and have more energy. I can run now that my body is lighter. I have my self-esteem back.”

“I’ll always be HMR’s number one fan!”

HMR makes no claims that these results are representative of all patients in the HMR program. For many dieters, weight loss is temporary. Weight-loss results shown include participation in the HMR Maintenance Program.

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