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Our Partners

Below are some links to our sister sites and buisinesses! Be sure to check them out!

Quality Provider Services, Inc - With a staff of twenty plus years experience in medical billing and coding, QPS understands that collecting payment for services rendered is the lifeblood of any facility. We also understand that your cash flow is totally dependent on how your receivables are managed. We are committed to your success in this area. We offer you “headache” free billing services – no more worries about staff turnovers and vacations, computer upgrades, employee overhead and more.

Dietary Consultants, Inc - DCI consultants provide you with an objective dietary consultation for your LTC facility. Replacing a consultant service with a full time employee costs more than replacing an individual. A dietary consultant brings the facility knowledge and services beyond their own capabilities and experiences. The facility is contracting not with an individual but with a company specifically in the business of professional dietary consulting. The facility has access to all the company has to offer -- providing them with the best in dietary care at a lower cost. It just makes good $ense!

Napa Healthcare Connection - NAPA Healthcare Connection enhances the success of its members by providing avenues to control costs and to add revenue to their bottom line. The variety of products and services offered by NAPA are centered on regional and national purchasing programs. Pricing discounts and rebates are primarily in dietary products and medical supplies

Breeding and Associates - . For over 20 years, Breeding & Associates Educational Resources' intensive, three-day workshops have been instrumental in helping students prepare for the ADA Registration Examination.