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Supermarket Tours

Though many don't think about it, grocery shopping is an integral part of eating healthy. If you buy and stock more nutritious food, you will eat healthier. It's so important, the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute has issued Obesity Guidelines for food shopping. According to their latest Obesity Guidelines, everyone should use a grocery list when shopping and be sure to read product nutrition labels

The Guidelines recommend that shoppers:

  1. Pay attention to serving size, servings per item, and the number of calories per serving.
  2. Compare similar products and buy the one with the fewest calories.
  3. Stock up on low-fat, low-calorie basics at home to encourage healthy eating habits. Some basic items to stock include

The above basic guidelines are very helpful. However, as we know, today's supermarkets give us so many choices, it's easy to become confused and frustrated. We don't have enough time to pore over each item on every label. That is the reason our Registered Dietitians conduct supermarket tours. During a group-or your very own--tour a dietitian will show you how to shop health-wisely. You will be surprised at what you can gain from such a tour! You will learn how to:

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