Friday July 20 2018 | Welcome to Nutri-Style!

Here's what Nutri-Style clients have to say

“My doctor told me that something had to change—I had to lose weight or I was not going to live very long. He suggested gastric bypass surgery. I tried losing weight on my own, but I knew I was not getting the proper nutrition. I needed to learn the correct way to eat and exercise. Nutri-Style has helped me so much! I now know how to eat right, choose the right foods, and the right amount of food. When I go to the grocery, I always look at the labels to see if I am getting enough fiber and protein and not too much sodium or sugar. I have learned a lot from Nutri-Style. I am so thankful for all the hard work from my dietitian. I know that this is a LIFETIME commitment.”

-Greg A., lost 115 lbs.


Knowing my resting metabolic rate and body fat percentage at various times during my weight loss efforts has served as an educational tool to better evaluate my progress. My dietitian is a person of support who remains encouraging throughout the entire experience. I’ve lost 55 pounds and am still working to reach my goal. Having objective information about my progress is extremely important, and Nutri-Style provides this and more! Life is truly much better now! My only regret is that I didn’t seek Nutri-Style sooner.

-Andrea H., lost 55 lbs.


Dear Fran:

I am amazed at what you’ve done with Ms. ______ and cannot tell you how appreciative I am. This young woman has had a hard year, but has continued straight ahead and determined.

I am indebted to you and Nutri-Style.

William L. Dowden, MD
William L. Dowden, MD and David S. Kirn, MD, PSC
Lexington, KY